Successful business leaders need to TAKE TIME OUT to regain their focus and determine which actions will deliver their business goals.

We’ve created the powerful Strategy & Growth Workshop programme where, with our support, you’ll review and refresh your strategy & growth plans to create the significant improvements you want.

As business leaders, your motivation, time and focus are critical. Therefore, you’ll kick off your workshop with a Motivational Map, a world-renowned tool that identifies personal motivators, which we’ll use to ensure your vision, strategy and plans are aligned to and boosted by your motivators.

Then we’ll work together to review and refresh your outline 3-year business strategy, including sales, ideal customers, products/services, competitors, competitive advantages and resource requirement.

Together, we’ll identify the breakthroughs required and, using ‘Force Field Analysis’ we’ll identify the key actions that will create the improvements you want.  These will be summarised into a One Page Plan, with 30, 60 and 90 day actions.

What you’ll get:

You will enjoy a personalised, interactive, challenging & practical workshop, and will walk away with:

  • Clarity & focus
  • Clear goals & actions
  • Your Strategy & Growth Map
  • Your Forcefield Analysis
  • Your One Page Plan

These will enable you to take your business forward with a clear plan and practical steps to achieve the significant improvements you want.