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Thursday 1st June, 9:00 – 12:30pm

Aspirin Business Leaders’ Academy

Since the 2007 financial crisis, the gap in productivity between the UK and the rest of the G7 has widened to 18%.  The gap with Germany is 35% and with the US 30%!  The government are targeting better infrastructure, tarmac and telecoms – but also some employee rewards, such as salary sacrifice.


With the uncertainty of Brexit still affecting some of our customers, understanding productivity and identifying ways to increase it, and therefore increase their competitive advantage is vital.


Together, we’ll explore what productivity is, how to measure it, what gets in its way

– and how to increase it WITHOUT demotivating our teams.


faster-growth-group-1-cropped-for-webAspirin’s Business Academies provide a source of ongoing inspiration, education and support for like-minded business leaders in three ways:

  • The quarterly Academy Forums are motivational and educational with current trends, time to work on your business and shared best practice.
  • The Academy Coaching provides ongoing support, accountability and access to our business experience.
  • The Academy Learning Library is a 24/7 online source of tools, courses and knowledge.

The Academies are a stand-alone offering, or can be added to an existing coaching solution.  Please contact us for more information.



Accreditation dates are arranged to meet demand, usually every 6-8 weeks


The Next Accreditation Dates are:

16th June 2017

21st June 2017

26th July 2017

Accreditation to become Licensed Practitioners of Motivational Maps®

Motivational Maps icon

For organisations that intend to create a culture of motivation, we offer training and accreditation of Internal Practitioners.  This is suitable for team members responsible for HR, learning & development and managers with large teams and/ or a desire to understand and utilise motivation in depth.

  • Pre-training preparation: 17 voiced-over slidedecks covering the nuts and bolts of motivation and the Motivational Maps
  • One day training: Checking and building a real understanding of motivation, the Motivational Maps, and then utilising that knowledge to interpret case-studies of both individuals and teams.
  • Practitioners’ Resources: These include a comprehensive Practitioners’ Manual, an Administration Back Office to create and collate Motivational Maps, additional videos, articles and audio materials.
  • Confirmation of Learning: To complete Accreditation, the individual provides feedback on two Motivational Maps for their team/ colleagues.

Full Potential New Accreditees - resized for websiteAccredited Practitioners receive:

  • a substantially discounted price for the Motivational Maps (individual), free Team Maps, and are able to issue their own Map passwords and create unlimited Team Maps.

Accredited Practitioners are able to:

  • interpret both Individual and Team Motivational Maps
  • provide feedback to team leaders
  • provide feedback to individuals, using the process provided

Group accreditation workshops take place every 6-8 weeks.  In-house or one to one accreditation are arranged on demand.  Whilst in-person accreditation is preferred, we are experienced in delivering online accreditation (via video conference call) in exceptional circumstances, e.g. Australian Practitioner.

Please contact us for details…