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I had found that, despite carrying a good level of responsibility within our organisation, I was not necessarily finding it easy to unlock the potential in others by stretching their performance and I was unsure about my future career path.

By working with Susannah to better understand my own motivators and developing strategies for setting clear expectations of myself and others, I am working more effectively in delivering both personal and business objectives and have clarity about my career ambitions.


May 2012

I have used Susannah previously with wider teams but this was the first opportunity to engage her working on a one-to-one basis with a key individual and due to the commitment of both parties it has been very successful.

BC has become far more effective in leading and challenging the performance of his direct reports.

Our client

May 2012



BC is a long standing and valued member of a leadership team, with significant responsibilities, including around 100 employees.

Desired Goal

Whilst BC was clearly maintaining performance at a good level, his manager sensed he was frustrated at his own lack of progress and that he had untapped ability. The goal was to identify and remove internal blocks or barriers to BC’s progress, to benefit both the organisation and BC.

Solution provided: individual mentoring


BC was wary of exposing himself at a level where he may fail to perform, and of ‘who’ he would need to become. He overcame this wariness and developed his own leadership and management style. He is now performing at a significantly higher standard, continuously pushing for higher performance levels from himself and his team. He is enjoying his work more, and has become an inspiration and role model to others.