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Janine Pattison Studios: Landscape and Garden Design

Sarah and Debbie are so excited and committed to the changes we will be making, thanks to your insights. The maps gave us a fantastic framework to build an open dialogue between us all, and everyone wanted to pass on to you how at ease and safe you made us feel in discussing the differences in our maps. I think our company will only get stronger and better for all we learned about each other today.

Denise Wright, Creative Director

Janine Pattison Studios, June 2011


Janine Pattison Design is a national award winning garden design practice, based in Dorset. They are renowned for creating stylish and contemporary designs often with terrain that defeats others. Our client is primarily responsible for Strategy, Creative Design and Marketing.

Identified Business Goal

Denise and Janine, as owner managers, are becoming driven by the rapid growth of their business. They are keen to step back into the driving seat and spend more time on strategy. A critical step is to strengthen their core team and delegate more responsibilities to their Garden Managers.

Solution provided: Motivational Maps


Incredible opportunities have been opened up as Denise and Janine have more time to focus on strategy and marketing. Their Team are committed, focused and happier than ever in their work.

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